Monday, 10 October, 2016

Communication - Seeing is believing

 Have you ever wondered how important it is to communicate effectively - in order to get your message across effectively?

Have you noticed how many people walk around glued to the screens of their mobile phones, looking for the next piece of information that might appear?

How much are they missing by being fixated on that tiny little screen?

Do you ever feel like you are not being listened to because your friend is engrossed in something on their mobile phone?

Is it time to look up - see the view, look at what is going on around you and respond to the world that's immediately in your sight!

Many months ago I was working with a client on line.  Aoife had come on a Live with Intention course and then asked for some extra help.

The first time we spoke on line Aoife had just completed her first day in a new job.  When I asked her how it went she was clutching her mobile phone, staring at the screen and in a panic saying "They haven't texted me yet to tell me how I did!!  She was assuming the worst.  I suggested that 'they' may have been busy.

Aoife had believed everything in a negative light and certainly did not expect to ever meet the man of her dreams - that was a step too far!

So we started with using her visual sense and gradually changed the way Aoife saw things - outside her mobile phone.  After a couple of months she admitted to me that she had met a 'fella' who she had never noticed before although they had both attended various gigs and in fact she knew his mother.

Within 6 months Aoife's 'fella' invited  her to join him on the other side of the world.  They have lived there now for some months and every so often I hear from her.

Gradually she is recognising the value of communication; being open and honest.  Sharing her feelings and her views with the person she is living her life with.

Although Aoife's mobile phone is still important to her she now realises looking up and seeing the world immediately around her gets her some exciting new results.

Just one small technique that started to make a world of difference.