Monday, 10 October, 2016

Feelings - both inside and out

Have you ever felt the sand between your fingers or felt the sliminess of seaweed?  What effect does it have inside you.

Are you mindful of how you feel  outside of yourself and then take that feeling inside to get results. This can help you to make decisions.

Feelings happen at an unconscious level within us and you can choose what they may be.  If you have had a bad experience you may choose to be upset and this can have an impact on everyone around you.

If you choose to be happy because the weather is great, you're on holiday and all is right with the world - you may find that you are shutting out all your negative baggage for the time being.

What effect does that have on others around you? Does it help to make everything run smoothly?

When is the time going to come when you want to let go of all that stuff that holds you back inside?  

When you do come to that time.  We can help you to change your feelings so that you can be motivated, excited and fly - making a difference to the way you feel - creating an effect that ripples out; not just into your own life but those around you as well.