Monday, 10 October, 2016

In just 10 sessions

MotorSport Magazine.  31st May 2016

"The evening got underway just before 7pm with more demonstrations up the Captain’s Drive. After which editor Smith opened the evening with a speech on stage. This was followed by Daphne McKinley Edwards, the mother of the late Sean Edwards, giving a moving speech about the progress The Sean Edwards Foundation has made in motor sport safety."

Making presentations to an audience can be daunting at the best of times.  Making it to a room full of celebrities and on a subject so personal was something that was an even bigger step.

However with the magic of technology I was able to work with Daphne wherever she was in the world and in short sessions so she could go away and practice.  

After her presentation for MotorSport magazines' Hall of Fame event there were comments about how 'she had captured her audiences' attention' and 'you could hear a pin drop in the room'

There were over 200 in the audience.  It was essential she got the pitch and her cause - Sean Edwards Foundation - perfect.  And she did.  Many congratulations, Daphne

"Thank you Carol what you do is simply amazing!"