I started writing to you to try to explain what I'm feeling at this present time. I wanted to understand the reasons behind my feelings of happiness and contentment, but in fact I'm not entirely sure why Myself. Carol it is fair to say that the time I spent with You has had a huge positive impact on me. I was hugely analytical and now there is a feeling in me that the future will fill up what I want in it.This is the contentment I guess. In any case I'm quite content to let it all sit into place as its all great. All I can say is "what ever will be is up to me". I am happy. I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to experience the "time for myself to get to know me", I questioned the whole purpose of My being. That was just one of many reasons for asking for your help. I can say I know something great is beginning to emerge from this experience. I know what feelings were suppressed and I know I feel different. My outlook is excited with anticipation of great things. I have not analysed or felt a need to justify my current contentment. It's more than fine. Its wonderful. I believe I was ment to meet you. Everything happens for a reason??

I guess I feel lucky to have gained the experience. I believe anything is possible now and I seem I have an overwhelming want to love. I have noticed My 2 and half year old Son just hugging and being so loving with me.

Carol I was so open to things from the two days with you in Connemara I stayed the whole week and just really relaxed. I enjoyed my own company very much. Turns out I'm quite an interesting chap!

I will certainly be eager to chat to you again very soon and I hope all goes well for you in that magical place of Connemara.I think Connemara really compliments what your doing and I believe that many people will come to you and will gain so much. Most of all your loving compassion and understanding is a reflection of the person you are. You challenged me by not allowing me run away talking all over the place. You stick to the task so to speak. You did this in a respectful manner.

I realise I'm to be patient and this has allowed me to enjoy people in my company. That small walk around the the circuit just makes sence!! Excuse the pun. It's fitting all the same to use this pun as I'm watching and laughing inside and listening to people with interest now. Everything stands still when you listen. Amazing amount of information to take in from all around us.I have learned to slow down and take it in.

It's all good Carol,

Thanks so much.

Carl - Ireland

Thank you, Carol. You played your part, I think, in the development of my daughters.


Thank you Carol; you've been a very big part in the reason why I can smile, and why I do smile. What you have done for me is more than what I can express with words xx

Laura Jayne

When I did your Live with Intention course I was burnt out in my job but all I could see for myself was putting up with it until I retired.
I was alone and never for a moment thought I would reach a position where I was willing to share my life again.

Now, less than a year on ; I am in love and planning to move to Portugal early next year to open a business. Life has become exciting again, full of hope and promise. I am embarking on an adventure at this stage in my life and most importantly I am HAPPY!

Thank you Carol for showing me how to undo the ropes that were tying me to my past, thank you for this freedom.


It’s three days since I completed the Live with Intention course and I am feeling amazing. I first met Carol about three years ago and she briefly explained what she did but for me back then I was not interested or drawn to the programme. Then our paths crossed again during the summer of 2017 and we reconnected. Since then I have been in and out of contact with Carol and following her online. In January 2018 I decided now was the time that I actually sat with Carol and that is when we had our first consultation.
Carol outlined the programme and I was so impressed and knew this was going to be the way forward for me. I have a busy life working full time and getting a homebased business up and running alongside having a family to care for.
The first day of the programme I was so excited and a little nervous as to what to expect but that nervousness was quickly gone as from the minute I stepped into Carols home I felt at ease. We got to work straight away and Carol made me realise all my amazing values I had and assisted me in clearing away all the negative baggage which was holding me back in living the best life possible.
Carol has taught me some fantastic Strategies in growing myself and my business which I look forward to implementing
Would I recommend this programme? YES. I feel as if the weight of the world has been removed from my body I am not carrying all the negative feelings I felt with me anymore and I feel clean. I have been sleeping so much better and don’t wake up tired!!!!
Looking forward to massive growth in my business and a more positive way of living my life all thanks to the amazing - Carol a hidden gem in Connemara.