I am so looking forward to sharing some of my recent experiences with you; I know how thrilled you will be for me.

I want to thank you first of all for the day that changed my life, and changed it certainly has! I knew immediately after the breakthrough session that something had happened, but I could never have imagined to what extent that change would be.

I came to you desperately needing to shed the fears and anxieties which where keeping me from enjoying life and from realising my dreams and ambitions. So much has happened in such a short time and it all started that day, when you took me for a walk through the field of cows. As you know, my fear of cows and of driving were really holding me back and I thought that if I could conquer these two fears I would be happy. I was also very unhappy in my job and decided to leave and pursue something different.

Everything has changed and I truly hope you will not be disappointed with the outcome because my perspective on things has done an ‘about turn’ and I feel liberated. Yes, I can walk through a field of cows and I will continue to do so; I have had several driving lessons but I know that I won’t continue with these. I know that this decision is right for me, I no longer feel guilty or a failure, on the contrary, I have made a positive decision and have freed myself from the anxiety of it.
The past few weeks have been what I can only describe as, awesome.

That brings me on to my holiday; I have always been prescribed a mild sedative to help with the anxiety of flying and being away from home, anything outside of my comfort zone made me prone to panic attacks. I would steal myself to cope with each day counting them off until it was time to come home. Not so this time, with absolutely no effort whatsoever I remained calm and relaxed. As the day for our departure got nearer I began to wonder when the nerves would kick in! They didn’t!!

I actually enjoyed every part of it, the packing, driving to the airport, getting on the plane and arriving thousands of miles from home with a feeling of joyous expectancy.

We picked up the hire car from the airport and drove to our hotel, and that is when I knew that I had changed far beyond what I could have hoped or imagined. Travelling through the mountains and not worrying about the steep drops, discovering the hidden coves and secluded beaches, feeling at one with my surroundings it was all magical.

It was a holiday I will never forget, I did get my prescription from the doctor before I went, but do you know what, it was still in the bag unopened when I got back.

Another thing I have found fascinating is, when I start to think negatively a little voice says to me “no, that is a destructive thought, think positive”. Whatsoever things are lovely, think on these. I like being who I am now, I like myself and what’s more, others are beginning to see it too. I have had several comments on how much more relaxed I look, some may think it is because of the holiday but they had better watch this space.

I went back to work today because the other receptionist is leaving on Friday and I said I would train the new one for them. Things have changed dramatically here also, I have been completely honest and open with them and, in all fairness to them, they have let me choose the hours I want to work until Christmas. This will help us financially until then, but will also give me more time to work on my writing; I have started writing a contemplative diary which has led me back to my interest in mysticism. That is what I want to study, and you Carol, have helped me find what I have been looking for. Words are poor vehicles to express my thanks to you.

You, and that amazing breakthrough session have changed my life and guess what - IT’S MAGIC!