I went to Connemara on a Breakthrough Retreat with Carol after a particularly difficult year, where a long term relationship had ended and a new job had not worked out. I was feeling quite desperate and lonely. I have known Carol for many years, and had worked with her in the early part of my career, but hadn't seen her for some time.
The two days I spent away had a dramatic impact on my outlook and on the direction I took. First and foremost I regained my confidence and drive, really identifying what I wanted and what was important to me. It also helped me put my life in perspective and enabled me to establish more of a 'work-life' balance. It was also the first time I had spent my own money on my development - which was tremendously liberating -and I have since invested in other courses for myself.
All in all it was a great investment - and I was skeptical in the beginning as I am sure Carol would tell you. It's hard to describe in detail what you do in the time you spend on the retreat - much of it is very personal to me but suffice to say that if you have an open mind and want things to change - and if you are willing to be challenged, both by yourself and by Carol, then this is probably for you. The output of the course, which is your plan to change, was probably the most valuable thing I have done in years - and Carol and I review the goals I set when I was at the retreat on a monthly basis. Its through these goals that I have seen the most positive change.

Jane G from south of England

I just wanted to write and let you know how things have been for me since I attended one of your breakthrough retreats a couple of years back. A few months after my visit I started to look at finally moving on with my life after going through a traumatic relationship breakup. I started to look at houses over the coming months to move on from living with my sister and was looking at properties in the same old town I'd grew up in for 35 years. Thinking about my experiences in life and the goals I'd set for myself at the retreat I suddenly started to question what I was doing and why as this was a chance to start anew. I started to look at houses in a town where I had gone to Art college as a teenager, a place I liked and had good memories of. Not knowing a sole in town I bought a house there. A few weeks before moving and purely by chance I met a genuinely nice guy who I had gone to Art college with 18 years earlier. So you guessed it, I have the house, the guy and a new life. All this because of changing my approach to life and allowing myself to be happy; I still tell myself everyday that 'I deserve it'.

I've not yet looked at promotion on the workfront but I am comfortable being where I am for the time being and I'll choose when I decide to move on. I've developed in a lot of ways and am more confident speaking publicly and in other areas of my work life. So a big THANK YOU from me for everything.

Vicky now from Leicester

I made the decision to do a Breakthrough Retreat when I started to have serious doubts about my own ability to:

1. Trust my own judgement especially when it came to people
2. I felt that I was not a serious person, too willing to forgive, a bit of a pushover
3. Had lost my ability to be happy
4. Could not sleep until late and awake early
5. I had always the ability to be comfortable in my own skin and had always been positive
6. I had given up a job I loved where I had earned good money because of what I know now were issues, that had I confronted them, would have saved me a lot of heartache and money!

After doing my Breakthrough Retreat it was, and still is, a great source of inspiration. It affirmed my belief in my own abilities. It provided me with insight which I use daily. I am happy in my life. I have learned to let go to again trust myself. Life has no blue print but what Carol gets you to provide is the plan and the tools to discover you, to help you look back and forward but to live your life.
If all of that seems very selfish and all me it is only by knowing how to deal with your own life, your beliefs, that you can be there for others, your family, your work etc.

Colleen from Connemara

Kath 3 years on has created a support group in her community. It now has 55 members. She is having her own poetry and articles published. She wrote: "I want to thank you first of all for the day that changed my life, and changed it certainly has! I knew immediately after the breakthrough session that something had happened, but I could never have imagined to what extent that change would be.

Carol helped me form a career plan based on my personal objectives. I found her coaching to be life changing and would not hesitate to recommend her to friends or colleagues.

Amber from South of England