I decided to do a course with Carol after meeting her for a coffee and a chat one day. My issue was that I was a qualified teacher and since the age of seventeen had had a job as an actress on a TV soap. Acting was always my dream and I was very happy in the place I was working and I felt lucky to have an acting job. At the same time I was always unsure year after year of what I was doing, where I was going with my life? I often questioned if I should try and get a teaching job, become more secure in my employment, have a 'proper' job with a pension etc. Acting was my first love though and I also wondered should I go abroad and try and pursue this dream, should I chase it, am I hungry enough for it? Would I be missing out by being a teacher, would it be different enough for me?

I spent about two years always wondering and questioning my decisions, until I came across Carols number and decided to meet with her.

I came away from the two day course feeling relaxed and with peace of mind. I had a vision and a plan. I was going to pursue my acting career. I worked on this and I was motivated and I gave it my all. What has happened in my life in the last seven months since completing the course was something I never saw coming.

I realised almost overnight that this dream of acting was not really what I truly wanted from life. I wanted to have a career that enabled me to have weekends off to spend time with my family, I wanted to travel and so I would need a job that provided me with a few weeks off in a row. I longed for something challenging and to be my own boss. I wanted to live at home and have a house there.

In June a job came up as Principal of the local national school where I am from. I applied for the job. As the interview loomed nearer I realised how much I actually wanted it. I would have eight weeks off in the summer, I would have weekends to myself, I would finally be able to make plans and not be holding off for auditions etc, I would be my own boss and best of all I would be making a difference in peoples’ lives. Challenging but rewarding :)

I got the job! I have never been happier. I have left my acting career behind me for now, its something I can always peruse again if I feel the need. I truly believe that Carol helped me to focus and to realise what I really wanted from life, what the things were that would make me happy. The unexpected realisations I have made since I met with her are so exciting to me and I feel wonderful and I'm finally confident in what I'm doing and where my career is taking me.

Even my family have noticed the difference in me and have commented on how good a decision it was to do the course with Carol.

I would recommend Carol to anyone who is, as I was, confused and worried that they are wasting their lives. Time is a thing we can never get back, when it’s gone, its gone and so its so important to live every moment as happy as you can be.

Thank you Carol for all of your help.


I can honestly say that working with Carol will change your life for the better. I first met Carol over four years ago. I was at a time in my life when things weren't going quite right. My daughter had been diagnosed with a long term medical condition and my marriage was suffering under the strain. The work that Carol does gives you the tools to make changes in your life that you didn't think were possible. After experiencing the amazing work that Carol does, I asked her to spend some time with my daughter. The help and support she gave my daughter has enabled her to overcome so many obstacles. Carol gives you the tools to change your life and you should not under estimate how wonderful that is. Carol's work has truly given me my life back!

Liz - Leeds UK

What struck me about Carol was her genuine regard for my wellbeing from the outset. This allowed me to put my trust in her hands during the Breakthrough process. The added advantage is that Carol has been there and back and is a true life testament of the process which works if you are determined to make the "Breakthrough" and achieve your goals in life.

Sven Fredriksson - Belarus

Breakthrough Retreat really was a breakthrough for me. It gave me the 'tools' that I needed, which, when put into practice, changed my attitude and behaviour towards areas that before I found very daunting! (Sharon came on a group Live with Intention course).

Sharon Griffin, Owner of Ohh! By Gum eco - chic boutique, Clifden