I first did a Live with Intention weekend 3 years ago with Carol as my life seemed to be at a standstill and yet I was full of dreams. The difference it made to my life has been amazing, as I stopped surviving and started living to my full potential from then on. Carol leaves you, not only rejuvenated, but with knowledge and skills that you will carry and use in your daily life.
During difficult times I used these skills to get me through but soon realised that I still carried a lot of baggage that was resurfacing and holding me back. I returned for a 2 day, one to one retreat, and together we started to move the negative blocks that were deeply rooted and controlling me. Carol’s patience, kindness and non judgemental approach helped me to revalue myself and get rid of all the unnecessary emotions I was carrying leaving me with a great sense of freedom.

Throughout the process I was gently and expertly guided by Carol and felt she was non-other than my Guardian Angel in disguise.