Working with a True Modern Day Guru – Clifden January 2016
Recently, I attended a ‘Live with Intention’ course in the beautiful town of Clifden, Connemara in Ireland. If you are at the crossroads or stuck on the round-about of life, this is the weekend for you!
While making the journey to Clifden, I wondered what intentions I would set for 2016. The journey was spent, listening to the many ideas rattliing around in my head, until I parked the car. Then, as I normally do, I quietened these thoughts and set them aside for later.
Fortunately, for me, this wasn’t going to be like any other day!
As our workshop unfolded, using Neuro Linguistic Programming to re- connect us with the roots of our true identity, Carol gently guided us through the day. I saw it, as making time for ‘self’.
This course demanded us to focus, be patient and really honest with ourselves. No easy task, if you actually think about it. Fortunately, we were in the hands of one very experienced lady. Not only is Carol passionate about unlocking the key to our future goals, but she has a wonderful trusting energy, fused with her own life’s journey. Making her a true modern day guru.
In my life, I was so caught up with life’s chores - racing through each day, providing for family, keeping a home, and performing well in my job. Everything was just rush – rush – rush! None of this, included the career I could be passionate about or acknowledged that I am worthy of love and companionship. Not to mention my spiritual goals were long forgotten. I certainly wasn’t succeeding in the financial game either, just bouncing back & forth between bills. Truly stuck on the roundabout of life.
Focussing my mind, allowed me to see a few of the second and third bests, I’ve settled for over the years! The course encouraged me to visualise where I really want to be in the future.
In discovering, what I had not achieved I was able to identify with what was holding me back. Now I had to free my ‘self’ from these shackles and burst forward in the right direction – my direction!
For me, this is where Carol helped a lot. NLP involves a very methodical sequence, which really allows you to overcome those obstacles in the way of your dreams. No more white noise distracting me or slowing me down – just a path toward my dream. As Dr Suess would say ‘‘You’re off to great places, today is your day! Your mountain is waiting so get on your way’’
After my two days I have clearly defined a set of SMART goals- each one filling in a corner of that future vision, which I will achieve. Some goals will take longer to achieve than others but attributing a timeline that’s realistic will help me to stay on course. The course has also given me great confidence to prevent the manifestation of these ‘shackles’ the very obstacles that have limited me in the past.
And so, my journey on this path has begun – within me – the key unlocked, by a powerful two day ‘Living with Intention’ course with my modern day guru – Carol!

Marian Williams