Hi Carol Oh, I think of you so often, life is so entirely different since we did our work together! I have composed a recommendation for you a thousand times in my head and not quite got around to sending it to you - it sound like hyperbole and I don't know how to make it sound right for you!! But, from the heart is best, take out anything that you don't like: Last March (2009) my life wasn't working and I got to crisis point; I'd been made redundant but despite being highly qualified and well respected in my industry, 18 months on I was still searching and almost 30 interviews hadn't delivered my next role. A friend who'd watched me pick myself up again and again from the rejections gave me a leaflet for Breakthrough Retreats and I took the plunge and called Carol. Within a minute on the call, I started to feel different about my situation. I'd worked with coaches in the past and broadly knew what the process would be, but nothing could have prepared me for working with Carol. Its difficult to write a piece on my experience of a Breakthrough Retreat without it sounding like hyperbole, but in absolute honesty, my life has changed fundamentally since the day I met Carol. The way that she works with such courage, passion and integrity, with such kindness but with unwavering directness is transformational in a way I've never experienced before. I spent a few days after my retreat looking for evidence that things had really changed, and I got that evidence again and again, in how I felt, how I responded and what I did. I got the very next job I interviewed for. Not only did my career get back on track, but I also achieved something in my personal life that I'd been struggling with, a committed relationship with a true partner; over a year on life continues to get better and better, I'm effecting fundamental changes for my organisation that are way beyond what I was recruited for, I'm buying a house with the man I'll be spending the rest of my life with and I'm happier than I've ever been.that contentment and balance that people talk about but you can't quite believe, well, with Carol's support, I've got it. Hope that gives you something to work with Carol; every word is true and I will be eternally grateful for everything you've done for me. John is a joy and work with my organisation is challenging, but I'm doing great things there that are getting me some very positive attention, which is great. Wishing you love and peace in all you do.

Comment from Carol: I had a message from Sheila during the summer to say that John had proposed to her and would inviting me to their wedding. Many Congratulations!

Sheila x - from Hebden Bridge

Ian came on a Breakthrough Retreat in 2008. 2 years on he has written the following to me:

“What really counts is who you believe you are! I had always operated under a very low glass ceiling, not feeling I was capable or worthy of greater success. The Breakthrough Retreat I attended with Carol started me on a much more positive path and I now believe that I am capable and deserving of success. In the last year my business has grown strongly and I feel much more content in and self assured in myself. Thank you Carol!

Ian from Hertfordshire

Mark came to me for presentation skills coaching from a professional perspective and personally he believed that he needed to work through a way of ending his marriage. He left taking with him all the charts that we had developed during his 2 days. After a long journey home he found himself having to go and meet with his son’s headmaster as a result of trouble at school. Mark managed the whole situation in a totally different way to what was expected by his family. They were amazed and questioned where that had come from! When they got home he got out his charts and explained. He was determined to make his marriage work.


Brenda believed that she was an introvert and unable to communicate at work. She believed she was in an impossible situation. She left believing in herself, went back to work with a more positive approach to her job. Her work colleagues began to notice her and she then astounded them by applying for another job with better pay and getting it. This all happened within the space of a month. Her Training Manager contacted me and asked me what had happened that had so dramatically changed this individual’s entire job prospects!


Mina now from London brought me up to date recently:

"Carol's breakthrough sessions have been truly life changing. I have known Carol for a number of years and since that time, I have totally transformed every aspect of my life for the better. This has been with Carol’s guidance which set me up on my own journey and self development programme. I hate to think how my life would have been had it not been for Carols Breakthrough sessions