Thank you for a wonderful two days. I learnt a lot.

James from London

A great opportunity to re visit the things that are important to you. Fantastic surroundings to really take time out and consider your values and put plans in place to achieve the things you really want to achieve. Thank you.

Liz from Leeds

Before I had my retreat with Carol I was unable to function properly in any area of my life. Carol guided me through to my core values and beliefs and showed me how to utilize them to my best advantage. I now have clear goals and the confidence to achieve them in my personal and professional life.

Margaret from Todmodern

I have definitely become more energised and motivated since being on your course.

Cathy from London

Many thanks Carol. Still reaping the rewards – slowly but surely.

Patt from London

It’s going to be a great 2009! – I am making the most of this time, with networking; job shadowing and training as well as working - my work life balance has improved significantly too!

Patsy from London