I originally chose the breakthrough retreat to help me overcome my fear of presentations and to help build my confidence. It came highly recommended by some of my colleagues who had attended in previous years.

The location was breath taking and instantly gave me a great sense of calm. I had no idea that the course would greatly benefit me in my personal life as well as in the work place. I found that the course was specifically tailored to meet my individual needs and the whole two days were about me (a scary concept at first!). It’s difficult to explain my experience in words as the course takes you on your own personal journey and is a unique experience to all those who attend.

I came away from the course with a new outlook on my life, both personally and professionally. I have changed my approach and attitude in all that I do, but the biggest surprise is the difference in the way that others treat and perceive me. I would recommend this to anyone.

Vicky from Peterborough

Carol is a great catalyst for change. Her style is challenging and yet at the same time very supportive. The retreat enabled me to focus on all aspects of my life in a very safe, calm and peaceful environment and identify opportunities for improvement, which I have since felt inspired to put into practice. I now have a great toolbox to dip into and am enjoying involving my family in some of the techniques I learned during the programme.

Ann from Yorkshire

I want to thank you first of all for the day that changed my life, and changed it certainly has! I knew immediately after the breakthrough session that something had happened, but I could never have imagined to what extent that change would be.

Kath from Huddersfield

When I first came to Carol I lacked motivation and carried a lot of baggage from the past. I was fat, I'd comfort eat if I got upset and worried, which was most of the time. I always felt there was a mental blockage that was stopping me going forward and achieving the goals I wanted. I was always searching for the answers, when all the time I already had the answers.

The Awakening:
The experience with Carol was the awakening I'd been searching for for a lot of years. I have started to live again.

I would recommend Timeline Therapy to any one; it's like no other experience you'll ever go through and I can say, hand on heart, it has changed my life forever. There will be no going back into my old ways; they are in the past and that is where they will remain.
If you want to start living and get rid of the past, then Timeline Therapy is the therapy to awaken your mind out of the mist and into the light; the decision is yours and yours alone, only you can take that step.

Pat from West Yorkshire