Just a week after his Breakthrough Retreat, when asked by his boss how it had gone, he said, "I’m sleeping better and I feel so relaxed, but it is hard to explain why. It’s as though a burden has been lifted from my shoulders. Cool!

Pete from Leeds

Laura is a 9 year old diabetic who would only allowed her mum to do her insulin injections. A Breakthrough Retreat with Mum and then Laura has enabled them both – in their words “to be free.

"Dear Carol, sorry I haven’t wrote to you in ages. I thought I’d keep in touch. I bet you’ve been wondering how I’ve been doing. Well, I’ve been doing great! How have you been doing? My injections have been easy peasy! Thank you for all your help! If it wasn’t for you none of my dreams would have come true! Because I’ve already had a sleepover and, in the summer holidays I’m going to stay at my Auntie's for a few days as well! I’m so excited!"


A motivational and highly skilled expert, Carol is an out and out pleasure to work with, completely down to earth and totally inspiring. If only all of our connections could be more like Carol.

Andrew from London

Life is excellent for me, despite still not working! I am well and truly (and healthily!) in love with a wonderful man and I’ve never felt so safe, calm and happy – and you can quote me! Since working with you Carol, everything feels different, despite having to sell my car and this week signing on, I know I am going to get everything I deserve and my confidence and sense of balance has never been so good; people can’t quite believe I’m as happy as I am given the job situation, but life is so much bigger than the job I do.

(4 months after her Breakthrough Retreat: she now has a job and is responsible for 500 staff).

Sheila from Hebden Bridge