Work doesn’t get much better – as of Friday last, our jobs were relocated to Leicester and we are now seeking posts in London, demand outstrips availability. Have had to apply for early retirement which may be better than a compulsory posting but not much!

I have just received news of a potential offer from another Department under a loan arrangement – not ideal, but again, better than resignation. All this sounds very negative but I have to say I’m still very much in my positive zone and having learned lessons from my previous experiences – I’m finding this much less stressful – even though the implications could have a greater impact. Weird!

I did have a bad experience with my boss just before Christmas but he seems to have realised that he didn’t handle the situation well and has mellowed since. Won’t bore you with the details but certainly my new rational thinking helped me get through that mini crisis.

Janet from London

Thank you again for all that you have done for me! - I really do not feel bogged down by past events any more and do not waste time dwelling on the past. I actually find myself testing myself every now and again by purposefully thinking of one of the events that I previously found it impossible to think about without feeling the negative emotions associated with that event. Now I can think of the various events dispassionately and laugh at them! I am also dealing much more effectively with any confrontation or negativity both at home and at work by being able to put things behind me quickly rather than dwelling on them.

3 months later:

Rather than expanding as I spoke to you about, I am making two employees redundant and my second in command started her maternity leave today – which leaves just me!

Far from being downcast, I see it as an opportunity to pretty much start again. With the experiences gained to date, as well as being more focused and less prone to panic since our time together I feel once the worst of the recession is over, I will be well placed to succeed.

Ian – Hertfordshire who runs his own business

The experience with Carol was the awakening I’d been searching for a lot of years, I have started to live again.

I would recommend Timeline Therapy to any one, it’s like no other experience you’ll ever go through and I can say hand on heart it has changed my life forever; there will be no going back into my old ways, they are in the past and that is where they will remain.

If you want to start living and get rid of the past then Timeline Therapy is the therapy to awaken your mind come out of the mist and into the light, the decision is yours and yours alone, only you can take that step.

Pat from Todmorden